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University of Glasgow
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Digital humanities, British colonialism and imperialism, 19th C European exploration of Africa, Missionaries, Explorers.
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My research focuses on 19th century European exploration in Africa and digital cultural creation and curation. I study transnational influences in disparate cultures in the long nineteenth century: such as David Livingstone’s phonetic transcriptions of indigenous central and southern African languages to H. Rider Haggard’s mythologizing of Zulu history, how cultures interacted with each other and how that can be traced within the archive. I am currently working on identifying the influence of women on nineteenth century European exploration in East Africa. I am a project scholar for Livingstone Online, which explores the life and legacy of Victorian explorer and missionary David Livingstone and those he worked with. I also look at areas of interaction: I am interested in what is happening in the space between technical (or digital) archives and the actual physical archive. I have previously worked as both an archivist and a librarian.

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Project Manuals as Zones of Engagement: Working Across Disciplines in a Digital Project’. dh + lib, (2019)

‘Reading Exploration through the Digital Library’. Livingstone Online (2018) <>

‘Disruption and Renaissance: Alexander Duff and the role of missionary education in early nineteenth century Bengal’. Scottish Orientalism and the Indian Renaissance: The Continuum of Ideas. Eds. B Fraser, T. Mukherjee, A. Sen. (Edinburgh: Luath, 2018).

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