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Eastern Carolina University
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Memory, trauma, museums, violence, Latin America, digital humanities, public history, Spanish
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I am an Anthropologist and a Historian. I am interested in public history so I have worked in museums, researching, curating, writing scripts for exhibitions, as a guide, and as an interpreter of ethnographic, archaeological, and art exhibitions. Other of my interests include memory and trauma studies, digital humanities, history of violence and how museums and other public places represent atrocities, and who decides what is to be remembered. I also have experience teaching Anthropology at a college level, and as a Spanish tutor. I have worked as an editor, a translator (Spanish to English and English to Spanish), a researcher, a teacher and an academic coordinator of students.

Recent Publications

“Are there any Indians left in Colombia? The indigenista movement from 1940 to 1950.” Revista de Antropología Iberoamericana, AIBR. Vol. 11, No, 3 September – December 2016. Pp. 363 – 381.

“Reflexiones en torno al Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial: ¿Eso qué es y para qué sirve?” OPCA Bulletin No. 6. February 2014. Department of Anthropology, University of Los Andes, Bogotá. Available at:

“La exposición arqueológica y etnográfica de 1938 en Colombia: un primer intercambio cultural.” Arqueología y Etnología en Colombia. La creación de una tradición científica (p.79-95). University of Los Andes, Social Sciences Faculty, Department of Anthropology. Center of Sociocultural and International Studies. Bogotá, 2009.

Caminos de la antropología: Gregorio Hernández de Alba. University of Los Andes. Center of Sociocultural and International Studies. Bogotá, 2006.


“More than Archives: Dealing with Unfinished History.” Not Even Past. September 18, 2017. Department of History. UT Austin. Available at:

“Too Much Inclusion? Museo Casa de la Memoria, Medellín, Colombia”. Not Even Past. July 1, 2017. Department of History. UT Austin. Available at:

“Time to Remember: Violence in Museums and Memory in Colombia, 2000-2014.” Not Even Past. March 23, 2016. Department of History. UT Austin. Available at:

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Latin America
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Modern, 20th century, 21st century
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Genocide, Holocaust & Nazi Persecution, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Libraries & Archives, Material Culture, Migration & Immigration, Museums, Politics, Public History, Sexual Violence, Women