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I am a curator, museum professional and heritage advocate living in Ontario, Canada.  I curate interactive and engaging museum exhibits, conduct historical research and develop programming designed to interest adults and kids alike in history, art and culture. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, and my current research interests include the impact museums can have on social memory, social justice and human rights issues.

I am a graduate of the Museum Management and Curatorship program at Fleming College. I also hold a B.A in Honours History, and a Master of Arts in History from Western University. My graduate school research area was Victorian England, looking at crime and societal issues that affect the constructs of family, marriage, and childhood. My Master’s thesis was entitled: “For this evil there is but one remedy”: Infanticide, Baby Farming and The Infant Life Protection Debate in Victorian England, 1860-1873.

I am the Curator at Museum Strathroy-Caradoc, the Public Relations and Communications Officer for the Huron Perth Middlesex Museum Network and a Member of the Historic Sites Committee, London Public Library Board.

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“Cassie Chadwick: A Very Double Life” Strathroy Age Dispatch. May 17, 2018. (Open access version available here:

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