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Saint Michael's College
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Early America, early American Republic, American Founding Era, women, gender, business, capitalism, slavery, slave owners, penitentiaries, manufacturing, early industrialism, the U.S. South, Virginia
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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Saint Michael’s College. I am an early American historian. I research how elite, unmarried white women (legally classified as feme soles) commercially related to the people they enslaved, and how they managed slave-manned enterprises in the American revolutionary and early national periods.

Ph.D. University of Virginia (2020)
M.A. University of Virginia (2016)
B.A. St. Olaf College (2012)

I have given papers at conferences with The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic, the Southern Historical Association, the McNeil Center for Early American Studies, and the New-York Historical Society, among others.

Recent Publications

Book Reviews
Review of Republic of Taste: Art, Politics, and Everyday Life in Early America by Catherine E. Kelly, Journal of History and Cultures, Issue 8 (Feb. 2018)

Other Publications 
Jefferson’s Competition in the Richmond Nail Selling Business,” blog post for Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, 2020

How Widowhood Changed Martha Washington’s Life,” Mount Vernon Magazine, Spring 2020 issue

From Feme Sole to Feme Covert: The Case of Anna Coles Payne Causten,” The Dolley Madison Digital Edition, ed. Holly C. Shulman, University of Virginia Press (forthcoming)

Pious Widow, Loving Mother, Slave Owner, Salt Mine Manager, and Patrick Henry’s Beloved Sister: A Brief History of Annie Henry Christian,” News from Red Hill, The Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation (2019)

Selected collections relating to Canada,” manuscript guide for Colonial North American Project, Harvard Library,  (2018)

Feme sole” entry, “Daily Life through History” series, The World o Antebellum America: A Daily Life Encyclopedia, ed. Alexandra Kindell, ABC-CLIO, LLC. (2018)

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United States
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United States
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18th century, 19th century
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American Revolution, American Founding Era, Capitalism, Colonialism, Gender, Slavery, Women