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University of Leeds
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Cultural memory, national identity, Rosenstrasse Protest, German-Jewish pasts, Nazi past, remembrance, unified Germany, translation
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I am an academic in German Cultural Studies, currently at the University of Leeds, UK. My research has focused on the Rosenstrasse protest in history, memory and in relation to identity.

My current research explores the ways in which identities intersect in the German and British contexts, using German history as a cipher, as a way of opening up a dialogue about identity that can be related to issues of identity, (in)tolerance in the present.

In addition, I have also worked on theĀ Kriegsgefangen in SkiptonĀ project, which is part of the wider Legacies of War Project at the University of Leeds. This project focuses on the experiences of German POWs, imprisoned in a camp in the market town of Skipton during and immediately after World War 1; the main project focuses on translating the collective memoir that was published following their repatriation to Germany. I have also given a paper on this, exploring the impact of cultural memory and identity trends on the memoir and on the project.

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My monograph is due out in July 2018:

Remembering Rosenstrasse:
History, Memory and Identity in Contemporary Germany (Peter Lang)

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