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University of Leeds
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Science, Biology, Evolution, Philosophy of Biology, Henri Bergson, Vitalism, Darwinism, Lamarckism
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Emily Herring is a PhD student in the school of Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science at the University of Leeds. She is interested in all aspects of the history and philosophy of biology. Her current research concerns 20th century biology. Her thesis examines the appropriation of Henri Bergson’s philosophy of life by French and English-speaking biologists. 

Recent Publications

Herring, Emily. 2018. “Great is Darwin and Bergson his poet”: Julian Huxley’s Other Evolutionary Synthesis. Annals of Science, 75(1), pp. 40-54

Herring, Emily, Radick, Greg. Forthcoming, 2018. Emergence in Biology: From Organicism to Systems Biology. in. Gibb, S, Hendry, R. F. and Lancaster, T. (eds.) in The Routledge Handbook of Emergence. Routledge

Herring, Emily, Loison, Laurent. 2017. Lamarckian Research Programs in French Biology. 1900-1970. in. Delisle, Richard G. (ed.). The Darwinian Tradition in Context: Research Programs in Twentieth-Century Evolutionary Biology. Springer, pp.  243-269

Herring, Emily. 2017. The Genotype/Phenotype Distinction. in. Smith, Justin E. H. (ed.). Embodiment. Oxford University Press

Herring, Emily. 2016. Des évolutionnismes sans mécanisme : les néo-lamarckismes métaphysiques d’Albert Vandel (1894-1980) et Pierre-Paul Grassé (1895-1985). Revue d’histoire des sciences. 69(2), pp. 369-398

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