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Footnoting History
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middle ages, England, United States, 19th century, 20th century, religion, power, race, politics, gender, modern world, podcast, public history, local history, Atlanta, Georgia, motherhood, academia, cemeteries, independent scholars
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While her research is predominantly on late medieval/early modern English church councils and questions about power and money (always follow the money!), Elizabeth enjoys teaching social history and using contemporary literature to get at historical truths. Her dissertation is on late medieval English Convocation, the ecclesiastical councils of the English clergy.

As a history teacher in the Atlanta metro region, Elizabeth has become interested in the history of the United States, especially Georgia.

She produces and contributes to the popular podcast, Footnoting History (

Elizabeth has also published in peer-reviewed journals and websites, such as Nursing Clio, as well as presented at international conferences on such varied topics as her research and podcasting. She is incredibly interested in using new media platforms to engage the public in history. Currently, she is revising her monograph on Convocation for publication as well as working on upcoming podcasts and her mystery novel, which deals with issues of gentrification in the modern South. A volume she is co-editing on independent scholars is under review by the University of Kansas Press for their Rethinking Careers, Rethinking Academia series.

Elizabeth has been interviewed by WFUV, the Fordham University radio station, on her thoughts on history and memory.

For more information, please see her academia page.

Recent Publications

May 2018 – “#PodcastingHistory 8: Cemeteries: Washington Park Cemetery and Early 20th-Century Atlanta,” Christine Caccipuoti

December 2016 – “Dorothy Bruce Weske: Academia and Motherhood in the Mid-Twentieth Century,” Nursing Clio

December 2013 – “The Clergymen of Medieval Convocation: A Prosopographical Study of the Representatives of the Dioceses of Lincoln and Winchester from 1313 to 1536,” Medieval Prosopography 2

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