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Oxford Brookes University
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Modern British history, 20th century Britain, Second World War, postwar, reconstruction, modern political history, British economic history, local history, planning history, architectural history, garden history,
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I have a multi-disciplinary background. Originally educated in landscape architecture and architectural history (two advanced degrees), I then worked professionally in the design professions in London and Boston. When I returned to academia I took an MA and PhD in modern British history because I was interested in the backstory to the built environment. I work mainly on political and economic impacts on cities and urban planning. I am comfortable working in and discussing: urban history; political, economic and social history; planning or architectural history. I have appeared on television for the BBC, the Travel Channel and WB (Boston). I have been on NPR radio as well. I am also a long time guide of walking tours in Boston and Oxford.

Recent Publications

Rebuilding Britain’s Blitzed Cities: Hopeful Dreams, Stark Realities (Bloomsbury, December 2018) ISBN 9781350067622

‘Forgetful or Purposeful? The Remaking of Place After the Blitz’ Storia Urbana (Italy) n. 158 (2018), 61-85. DOI:10.3280/SU2018-158004

‘The impact of the automobile on post-war city centre plans’ in ‘Infrastructure and the rebuilt post-war city’, Working Paper No 22, ed. Peter Larkham (Birmingham City University 2013).

‘Reconstruction Constraints: Political and Economic Realities’, Chapter 7 in The Blitz and Its Legacy, eds. Mark Clapson and Peter Larkham (Ashgate 2013).

“‘The City of Our Dreams?’ The Political and Economic Realities of Rebuilding Britain’s Blitzed Cities, 1945-1954”, Twentieth Century British History, 23:2 (2012), 221-245.

“‘Exeter Phoenix’: Politics and the Rebuilding of a Blitzed City”, Southern History, Vol. 30 (2008), 104-127.



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