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Southern Utah University
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American Revolution, Early American Republic, Print Culture, Political History
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Michelle Orihel is Associate Professor of History at Southern Utah University. She earned her B.A. at Brock University, M.A. at Queen’s University, and a Ph.D. at Syracuse University in 2010. She teaches the survey course in American history as well as upper-division courses on colonial and revolutionary America, the early American republic, the history of American journalism, and the history of gender in early America.┬áIn recognition of her teaching accomplishments, Southern Utah University named her Outstanding Educator for Diversity and Inclusion in 2017.

Her research focuses on the politics and print culture of post-revolutionary America and the Atlantic world. Presently, she is writing a book about the rise and fall of the Democratic-Republican Societies in 1790s America. Inspired by the French Revolution, these societies formed the first opposition movement to the national government in American history.

Recent Publications

“Pamphlets,” in US Popular Print Culture to 1860, Volume 5, in The Oxford History of Popular Print Culture, eds. Ronald J. Zboray and Mary Saracino Zboray (Oxford University Press, forthcoming late 2018/ early 2019)

“#RememberTheLadies: Teaching the Correspondence of John and Abigail Adams in the Age of Social Media,” Common-place: The Interactive Journal of Early American Life 18, 1 (January 2018).

“‘Have You Read This?’? Teaching Early Republic Print Cultlure with Hamilton,” guest blog post for ‘The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History’ (November 29, 2016).

“‘A Pamphlet War in Song: Teaching Revolutionary Print Culture with Hamilton,” guest blog post for ‘The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History’ (May 12, 2016).

“‘Mississippi Mad’: The Democratic Society of Kentucky and the Sectional Politics of Navigation Rights,” The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society 114, 3/4 (Summer/ Autumn 2016): 399-430.

“Just Add Sparkling Grape Juice: Toasting and the Historical Imagination in the Early Republic Classroom,” Common-place: The Interactive Jouranl of Early American Life 16, 2 (Winter 2016).

“‘All Truly Acquainted with the History of Those Times’: John Adams and the Opposition Politics of Revolutionary England, ca. 1640-41,” The New England Quarterly 86, 3 (September 2013), 433-466.

“‘Treacherous Memories’ of Regicide: The Calves Head Club in the Age of Anne,” The Historian 73, n3 (Fall 2011), 435-462.

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