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Independent scholar (Ph.D. Florida State University)
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Yemen, Red Sea History, Zaydi Shia, Imperialism, World War I
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Colleen Boyett is a former military linguist (Arabic) and holds a BA, MA, and Ph.D. in history. She conducted her doctoral research in Yemen in 2008, and then spent four years living on Jeju Island, South Korea, where she worked with Yemeni refugees who relocated there as a result of the ongoing civil war in their homeland. Dr. Boyett currently lives in Mumbai, India, where she is expanding her research into the Dawoodie Bohras of the region. Her most recent work was published in December, 2020, Daily Life of Women [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia from Ancient Times to the Present.

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Conference Presentations and Publications:

*Co-editor of The Greenwood Encyclopedia of the Daily Life of Women: How They Lived from Ancient Times to the Present, ABC-CLIO, 3-Volume set to be published December 2020.

*New Directions in World History Festschrift in honor of Peter P. Garretson (Florida State University, March 21, 2014) “Yemen in the Interwar Period: The African Connection.”

* “Parameters of Power: The Quandary of Yemen Between the World Wars” (2014). Electronic Theses, Treatises and Dissertations. Paper 8739.

*”Jerusalem, City of Diversity” in partial fulfillment of Fulbright-Hays Program. ERIC Digest, ED437296, 1998.

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