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Arkansas State University
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hospitals, canon law, urban history, public health, monastic orders, healthcare, history of medicine
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I received my Ph.D. in 2017, and have since taught history at two liberal arts colleges before coming to Arkansas State University. My prospective monograph, Houses of God, Places of the Sick, examines the effects of canon law on the development of late medieval hospitals, and the place of hospitals in the religious and social networks of late medieval cities. Other forthcoming publications include a chapter on disease and social identity in the later Middle Ages, and one on environmental management and public health. I have made an edition and translation of leprosy examination letters for the Medieval Disability Sourcebook, and have been a podcaster with Footnoting History, on topics including women’s history and medical history, since 2013.

Recent Publications

The Pestilential Premodern? Going Digital with the Medieval.” EuropeNow, December 2020.

“Disordered Women? The Hospital Sisters of Mainz and Their Late Medieval Identities.” Medieval Feminist Forum 55:2 (2020), 60-97

“Examining for Leprosy in the Fifteenth Century.” In: Medieval Disability Sourcebook: Western Europe, edited by Cameron Hunt McNabb. Earth, Milky Way: punctum books, 2020.

The Reality of Joan of Arc: Teaching Movie Medievalism.” Perspectives on History, March 2020.

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