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University of Hertfordshire
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Women, Gender, Presbyterianism, Religion, Family History, Life Cycle, Sexuality
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I am a historian of women, gender and the family, and my work focuses on Presbyterian families in Ulster and Ireland, between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. I am interested in the family and its relationships, the life-cycle, sex and sexuality, migration, cultural heritage and religion.

In October 2017, I took up post as a Research Fellow in Intangible Cultural Heritage at the University of Hertfordshire. I plan on expanding my doctoral research on Ulster Presbyterian family life by examining Presbyterian rituals and customs (its intangible cultural heritage) from a transnational perspective.

Before joining the University of Hertfordshire, I worked as a postdoc at Ulster University on an AHRC-funded project entitled ‘Bad Bridget: Criminal and Deviant Irish Women in North America, 1838-1918’. This project was managed by Dr Leanne McCormick (UU) and Dr Elaine Farrell (QUB).


Recent Publications

Leanne Calvert, ‘ “He came to her bed pretending courtship”: sex, courtship and the making of marriage in Ulster, c. 1750-1844’, Irish Historical Studies, 42:162 (2018), pp 244-64. Link here

Leanne Calvert, ‘ “What a wonderful change have I undergone … so altered in stature, knowledge & ideas!”: Apprenticeship, adolescence and growing up in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Ulster’, Irish Economic and Social History, 45:1 (2018), pp 70-89. Link here

Leanne Calvert, ‘ “Do not forget your bit wife”: love, marriage and the negotiation of patriarchy in Irish Presbyterian marriage, c. 1780-1850’, Women’s History Review, 26:3 (2017), pp 433-54. Link here

Leanne Calvert, ‘ “A more careful tender nurse cannot be than my dear husband”: reassessing the role of men in pregnancy and childbirth in Ulster, 1780-1832’, Journal of Family History, 42:1 (2017), pp 22-36. Link here

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