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University of Amsterdam
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Bookhistory, Cultural History, Contacts between China and Europe 1500-1800, Early Modern Periodicals, Medical History, History of Religion and Philosophy
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Trude Dijkstra is Assistant Professor in the History of the Book at the University of Amsterdam. She studied history, art studies and bookhistory at the University of Amsterdam, where in 2019 she defended her dissertation on Chinese religion and philosophy in Dutch printwork, 1595-1700. Her current research focusses on the democratisation of Chinese medicine by way of new media types.

Recent Publications

The Chinese Imprint. Printing and Publishing Chinese Religion and Philosophy in the Dutch Republic 1595-1700, Leiden: Brill, 2022.

‘A Chinese Philosopher in European Dress. The Review of the First Latin Translation of Confucius (1687) in the Philosophical Transactions’, in T.Weststeijn (ed.), Foreign Devils and Philosophers. Cultural Encounters between the Chinese, the Dutch, and Other Europeans, 1590-1800, Leiden: Brill, 2020.

‘”Tot Eeuwige Memorie de Druckerye-Konste”. Simon de Vries’s Discourse on the Chinese Art of Print’, Quaerendo 48.3 (2018).

‘Constructing Confucius in the Low Countries’, Zeventiende Eeuw 32.2 (2016) [with T.Weststeijn].

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