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PhD Candidate, McMaster University
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History of Medicine, International Relations, Germany, Borderlands Studies, Transnational History, Vaccines, Epidemic Disease, Poliomyelitis
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Sam is a SSHRC-funded PhD candidate, who specializes in Cold War medical history and international relations. Her dissertation focuses on how the fight against poliomyelitis fit into international and transnational relations between divided Germany and its occupiers between 1947 and 1965. “Medical relations” is a newer field in international relations, exposing the ways in which politics and ideology permeate supposedly “neutral” areas such as science and healthcare, and Sam looks forward to contributing to this discussion. Sam completed her B.A. (Hon.) at McMaster University, and her MA at Western University.

Recent Publications

Blog Post. “The American Review of Soviet Medicine: A Failed Fraternity.” Beyond Borders: The New Canadian History, The
Wilson Institute for Canadian History, 14 May 2018.

Review. “Maple Leaf Empire: Britain, Canada, and the Two World Wars by Jonathan F. Vance.” Canadian
Military History 2013. The Laurier Center for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies.

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Eastern Europe, Germany, United States, Western Europe
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Diplomacy, Disability, Government, Holocaust & Nazi Persecution, Medicine, Politics, Science, Technology