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University of Birmingham (UK)
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modern medicine, modern science, physiology, genetics, sport, exploration, adventure, race, public health, gender, mountaineering, arctic, antarctic, public history, human experimentation, british, physical education, domestic education, Victorian, Edwardian
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time period 19th & 20th C.

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Historian of modern medicine and biomedical sciences (c.1850-present), of sports medicine and physiology, exploration and extreme sports; on the science of race and gender (e.g. evolution, eugenics, sex testing); of public health in the Victorian period; Victorian women doctors & nurses; physical education and domestic education; generally of biomedical science in the Arctic and Antarctic; human experimentation; the study of human limits (heat, cold, altitude).


I mostly work on European and Anglophone materials, particularly on British history, but have some expertise in the high Himalaya, Andes, Arctic and Antarctic regions.


I have broad experience of working with print, digital and radio media, as well as other forms of public-facing history and outreach with museums, charitable organisations, etc.  For five years I co-authored a history of science & medicine blog for the Guardian.

Recent Publications

Higher and Colder: A History of Extreme Physiology and Exploration (Chicago University Press, forthcoming 2019)

A History of British Sports Medicine (Manchester University Press, 2011)


(2017) “Subjective Sex: science, medicine and sex tests in sport” Anderson & Travers Transgender Athletes in Competitive Sport (Routledge), 131-142

(2016) “Higher and Colder: Pushing boundaries in high altitude and Antarctic research stations” Social Studies of Science 46, 809-832

(2016) “Bodies, sport and science in the nineteenth century” Past & Present 231, 169-200

(2015) “Women Doctors and Lady Nurses: Class, Education and the Professionalized Victorian Woman” Bulletin of the History of Medicine 89, 267-2

(2013) “Experimental Physiology, Everest and Oxygen: from the Ghastly Kitchens to the Gasping Lung” British Journal of the History of Science 46, 123-147

(2012) “Volunteers for Science: Medicine, Health and the Modern Olympic Games” in Lo, V. (ed) Perfect Bodies, training for sport, medicine and immortality, British Museum

(2011) “Sport (and Exercise) Medicine in Britain; healthy citizens and abnormal athletes” Canadian Bulletin of Medical History 28, 249-70.

(2011) “Domestic and domesticating education in the Victorian and Edwardian City” History of Education 40, 273-90.

(2011) “Health Visiting and District Nursing in Victorian Manchester; divergent and convergent vocations” Women’s History Review 20, 403-22

(2010) “Testing sex and gender in sports; reinventing, reimagining and reconstructing histories” Endeavour 34, 157-63.

(2010) “Specialisation without the hospital: the case of British sports medicine”, Medical History, 54, 457-74

(2010) “A Century of Cardiomythology: Exercise and the Heart c1880-1980” Social History of Medicine, 23, 280-98

(2008) “’Only the British Appear to be Making a Fuss’; the Science of Success and the Myth of Amateurism at the Mexico Olympiad, 1968” Sport In History 28, 213-35

(2008) “Lies, Damn Lies, and Manchester’s Recruiting Statistics: Degeneration as an “Urban Legend” in Victorian and Edwardian Britain” Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 63, 178-216

(2005) “Jewish Medical Charity in Manchester: reforming alien bodies” Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library 87, 111-32

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British Isles, United Kingdom, Western Europe
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19th century, Modern, 20th century, 21st century
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Disability, Environment, Food History, Gender, Indigenous Peoples, Medicine, Public History, Race, Science, Sports, Technology, Urban History, Women