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Department of History, University of Manchester
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Palestine, Palestine Mandate, history of the modern Middle East, British colonialism, borderlands, frontiers, deportation, migration, citizenship, documentary identity, refugees, displacement
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I am a historian of the modern Middle East with a specialization in the history of pre-1948 Palestine.
My PhD thesis, “The Invention of Palestinian Citizenship: Discourses and Practices, 1918-1939,” and my subsequent monograph (2016) The Invention of Palestinian Citizenship, 1918-1947, focused on the years of the Palestine Mandate and the legislation and discursive creation of Palestinian nationality and citizenship. Both analysed the British and the Palestinian Arab notions, definitions, and understandings of nationality, citizenship, and the rights associated with these statuses and they came into being under the British-administered League of Nations Mandate. The research also focuses on th citizenship –or lack thereof–of Palestinian Arab emigrants in the Americas, and the civic identity of Arabs both in Palestine and abroad during the years of transition between Ottoman and British mandatory rule.
My current project is a history of the borderlands, borders, frontiers, and the documentary identity control regime in interwar Palestine.

Recent Publications

“Migrants, Residents, and the Cost of Illegal Home-Making in Mandate Palestine,” Jerusalem Quarterly 84 (Winter 2020).

“ ‘A stranger from this homeland’: deportation and the ruin of lives and livelihoods during the Palestine Mandate,” Contemporary Levant (Winter 2019).

“Keeping out the ‘undesirable elements’: the treatment of communists, transients, criminals, and the ill in Mandate Palestine,” Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 47 (Dec. 2019).

“Refugees, displaced migrants, and the territorialization of interwar mandate Palestine,” Mashriq & Mahjar, Vol. 5 (August 2018).

“Claiming identities in Palestine: migration and nationality under the Mandate,” Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 46 (Winter 2017).

Banko, Lauren, Siavush Randjbar-Daemi, and Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi, eds., “Introduction to political parties in the Middle East: historical trajectories and future prospects,” British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies special issue: Political parties in the Middle East, Vol. 44 (Winter 2016).

The Invention of Palestinian Citizenship, 1918-1947 (Edinburgh University Press/Oxford University Press, 2016).

“Citizenship rights and semantics of colonial power and resistance: Haifa, Jaffa and Nablus, 1931-1933,” in Violence and the City in the Modern Middle East, ed. Nelida Fuccaro (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2016).

“Imperial Questions and Social Identities: The ‘marvel’ of nationality and citizenship in interwar Palestine,” Revue des Mondes muslumans et de la Méditerranée Special Issue, Vol. 136 (May 2015).

“The Invention of Citizenship in Palestine,” in The Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies, ed. Engin Isin and Peter Nyers (London: Routledge, 2014), 317-324.

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