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University at Albany
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Haudenosaunee, Iroquois, Native American, Indigenous, women, gender religion, education, family, fur trade, economic history, consumerism, clothing, archaeology, digital history, digital humanities, social network analysis
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My research focuses on the social and economic history of gender, race and culture contact in early America and the early modern Atlantic world, with a focus on clothing as a site of conflict over religion, sovereignty and political economy. My first book, Shirts Powdered Red: Haudenosaunee Gender, Trade, and Exchange Across Three Centuries, examines Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) women’s labor and consumer choices from first contact through the reservation period of the mid-nineteenth century. My research is interdisciplinary and draws on material culture, archaeology, oral history, art, and digital methods to examine economic change and Indigenous sovereignty.

My second book examines the representation of early American histories in public spaces, library catalogs, and popular media, including construction of race and authenticity in public history through historical reenactments and hobbyist living history.  I am also currently developing a digital-first project on the creation of race and ethnicity in early New York before the American Revolution.

Recent Publications

Shirts Powdered Red: Haudenosaunee Women and Three Centuries of Exchange Cornell University Press, to be published February 2023.

By Conversation with a Lady: Women’s Correspondence Networks in the Founders Online Database.” The Age of Revolutions in the Digital Age, edited by Mark Boonshoft, Ben Wright, and Nora Slomnisky. Cornell University Press, 2023.

She Did Not Open Her Mouth Further: Haudenosaunee Women as Military and Political Targets During and After the American Revolution.” Women in the American Revolution: Gender, Politics, and the Domestic World. Barbara Oberg, editor. University of Virginia Press. 2019.

Annotated reprint, For Wagrassero’s Wife’s Son: Colonialism and the Structure of Indigenous Women’s Social Connections, 1690-1730.” Models of Argument-Driven Digital History, special forum for The Journal of Social History. Edited by Lincoln Mullen and Stephen Robertson. Summer 2021.

Society for Historians of the Early American Republic annual meeting network analysis. July 20, 2022.

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United States
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Pre-17th century, 17th century, 18th century, 19th century, Early Modern
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American Revolution, American Founding Era, Capitalism, Colonialism, Diplomacy, Economic History, Family, Gender, Government, Indigenous Peoples, Libraries & Archives, Material Culture, Military, Museums, Politics, Public History, Race, Religion, Sexual Violence, Women