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University of Liverpool
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Zimbabwe, southern Africa, Africa, gender, sexuality, moral discourse, urban history, customary law, law, language, translation, colonial administration, settler colonialism, knowledge construction, spirit beliefs, traditional religion, peace building, reconciliation
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After a mis-spent youth listening to too much reggae music, I stumbled into African studies just as Zimbabwe gained its independence and became one of the most exciting places on the planet. So for the past thirty years I’ve been developing an expertise in Zimbabwean history. My interests are eclectic but have always focused on challenging the narratives of the Global North and trying to represent the past in terms that are true to Zimbabwean perspectives. I’ve published on sex and sexuality, religion & belief, language and translation, law and jurisprudence, health and healing, citizenship and rights, witchcraft and politics.
It’s impossible to work on these issues without coming up against big social and political issues. So I’m engaged with asylum seekers and sanctuary campaigns, as well as using every possible opportunity to ask ‘Why is the curriculum so white?’

Recent Publications

Jeater, D. (2018). ‘Academic Standards or Academic Imperialism? Zimbabwean perceptions of hegemonic power in the global construction of knowledge’. African Studies Review, 61 (2) pp. 8-27. doi:10.1017/asr.2017.132

Jeater, D., & Mashinge, J. L. (2017). ‘Can’t pay, won’t pay: occult conflicts over neoliberal social relations in contemporary Zimbabwe’. Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, 2(2-3), pp. 263-278

Jeater, D. (2016). ‘Masculinity, Marriage and the Bible: New Pentecostalist masculinities in Zimbabwe’. In A. Cornwall, F. G. Karioris, & N. Lindisfarne (Eds.), Masculinities Under Neoliberalism (pp. 165-182). London: Zed Books

Jeater, D. (2014). ‘Data, Data Everywhere, But Not a Byte to Think: The Pitfalls of Increased Access to Digital Resources in University History Departments in Zimbabwe’. In Terry Barringer and Marion Wallace (Eds.), DisConnects? African Studies in the Digital Age (pp. 61-77). Leiden: Brill. doi:10.1163/9789004279148_005

Jeater, D. (2013). ‘Citizen, Witch or Non-person? Contested concepts of personhood, political violence and reconciliation in Zimbabwe’. In D. Kaulemu (Ed.), Imagining Citizenship in Zimbabwe (pp. 124-137). Bonn and Harare: Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Jeater, D. (2012). ‘Shifting the expert goalposts: the influence of Country Guidance cases in the development and use of expert evidence in Zimbabwe asylum cases in the UK’. Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law,, 26(2), 190-203

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