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World War I, Nationalism, Decolonization, Transnational Social Movements, Labor and Migration, Africana Political Thought, Caribbean Feminisms
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Dr. Reena Goldthree is an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University and a past Fulbright fellow at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. She studies the social, political, and intellectual history of modern Latin America and the Caribbean. Her current book project, Democracy Shall be no Empty Romance: War and the Politics of Empire in the Greater Caribbean, examines how the crisis of World War I transformed Afro-Caribbeans’ understanding of, and engagements with, the British Empire. Beyond the book manuscript, her research has appeared in the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas, Radical Teacher, The American Historian, the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies, and three edited volumes.

Recent Publications

Editor, “Gender and Anti-colonialism in the Interwar Caribbean,” Caribbean Review of Gender Studies, Issue 12 (2018), [co-edited with Natanya Duncan]

“Afro-Cuban Intellectuals and the New Negro Renaissance in Harlem,” in New Perspectives on the Black Intellectual Tradition, ed. Keisha N. Blain, Christopher Cameron, and Ashley D. Farmer (Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2018), 41-58.

“New Directions in Caribbean History,The American Historian 16 (May 2018): 34-39.

“Writing War and Empire: Poetry, Patriotism, and Public Claims-Making in the British Caribbean,” in Caribbean Military Encounters, ed. Shalini Puri and Lara Putnam (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017), 49-69.

“‘A Greater Enterprise than the Panama Canal’: Migrant Labor and Military Recruitment in the World War I-Era Circum-Caribbean,” Labor: Studies in Working-Class History of the Americas, Special Issue: Labor and Empire in the Americas, Vol. 13, no. 3-4 (2016): 57-82.

“‘Vive La France!’: Afro-Caribbean Soldiers and Interracial Intimacies on the Western Front, 1915-19,” Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, Vol. 7, no. 3 (2016): doi:10.1353/cch.2016.0040.

“Teaching #BlackLivesMatter and Feminist Pedagogy: Teaching a Movement Unfolding,” Radical Teacher, Vol. 106 (2016): 20-28 [co-authored with Aimee Bahng].

“Amy Jacques Garvey, Theodore Bilbo, and the Paradoxes of Black Nationalism,” in Global Circuits of Blackness: Interrogating the African Diasporas, ed. Percy C. Hintzen, Jean Muteba Rahier, and Felipe Smith (Champaign: University of Illinois Press, 2010), 152-73.

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