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Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi
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gender & sexuality, 20th c France, intellectual & cultural history, feminist & queer theory, violence, war, and genocide, fascism & far-right, race & antisemitism
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on leave until August 15, 2018

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Educated in France, England, and the United States, Sandrine Sanos is Associate Professor of Modern European History at Texas A & M University- Corpus Christi and a cultural and intellectual historian of 20th c. France, focused especially on questions of gender & sexuality, representation & discourse, violence and its aftermath, and feminist theory. She is the author of The Aesthetics of Hate: Far-Right Intellectuals, Antisemitism, and Gender in 1930s France (Stanford University Press, 2012) and Simone de Beauvoir: Creating a Feminist Existence (Oxford University Press, 2016). She is currently at work on on a book, titled The Horror of History: Violence, War, and Gender in Cold War France 1954-1967, funded by a 2017-2018 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship. She is also co-editor of the yearly interview series, “Feminist Optics” with Prof. Anupama Arora published in the Journal of Feminist Scholarship.

Recent Publications


“The Sex and Race of Satire: Charlie Hebdo and the Politics of Representation in Contemporary France,” — special issue edited by Ethan Katz & Jonathan Judaken “Muslims and Jews before and after Charlie Hebdo,” Jewish Studies, forthcoming 2018

“Being in Parenthesis: Memory, Sex, and Jewishness in Diane Kurys’ Visions of May ’68,” –special issued edited by Donald Reid & Daniel J. Sherman, French Historical Studies, special issue: “May ’68: New Perspectives,” Vol. 41:2 (April 2018): 335-63

“ ‘My Body was Aflame with his Memory:’ War, Gender, and Colonial Ghosts in Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)” special issue: “Gender & Global Warfare in the 20th Century, Gender & History Vol. 28 #3 (November 2017): 728-53

co-authored with Anupama Arora, “Bhangra Blues: Melancholy, Memory, and History in Gurinder Chadha’s I’m British But,” The Journal of Post-Colonial Writing, Vol. 47 #1 (February 2011): 89-100

“Fascist Fantasies of Perversion and Abjection: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Interwar Far-Right,” Proceedings of the 2009 Western Society for French History, Vol. 37 (Boulder, 2009), (Fall 2010): 1-17.

“From Revolution to Literature: The Political Aesthetic of the Young New Right, 1936-1937,” Sites. Journal of Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, special issue: “French Studies Today,” Vol. 10 #1 (January 2006), 85-95


Simone de Beauvoir: Creating a Feminist Existence in the Modern World, “A World in a Life” series. Oxford University Press, 2016

The Aesthetics of Hate: Far-Right Intellectuals, Antisemitism, and Gender in 1930s France. Stanford University Press, 2012




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France, Western Europe
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Colonialism, Gender, Genocide, Politics, Race, Sexuality