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Women's environmental history, inclusive history, rethinking narratives
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I am a second-generation Forest Service employee, working as a project manager and supervisor in history and knowledge management for the last 14 years with the USDA Forest Service. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of New Hampshire, where I explored the history of women in conservation and forestry within the Forest Service, as well as an M.A. in Public History from Colorado State University. I have researched forest management from the Reserves and Custodial Era (1890s) through the 1990s, including forest policies, programs, and recreation, and particularly, women’s experiences within conservation and land management. I have taught at the collegiate level and offered numerous webinars on forest history, women’s roles, and related topics. I serve as the Forest History Society– Forest Service Liaison and volunteer on my local historic preservation commission. I am currently working with a university press to publish my manuscript We Feminine Foresters. I am passionate about uncovering an inclusive past to inform an inclusive present by enlarging context, rethinking narratives, and increasing historical accessibility.

Recent Publications

Forest History Society | Online 2023 | “The History of the Two-Fisted Ranger: From Myth to Reality.”

Women’s Forest Congress | Minneapolis, MN, October 2023 | “Women’s Legacy and Future in Forestry: Paving the Way for Progress.”

“‘How Great the Gain!’: Women and the Forest Service,” Western Forester 66, no. 3 (July/August/September 2021) with James Lewis.

Forest History Society | Online 2022 | “What Did She Say? Restoring Women’s Voices to the Land Ethic Narrative.”

“‘We Feminine Foresters”: Putting Forest Service Wives in Historical Context” in What Did We Get Ourselves Into, Episode 1, 2022. National Museum of Forest Service History.

“Women’s Suffrage and the Conservation Cause.” Inside the Forest Service, March 6, 2020.

“Making History HERstory,” Inside the Forest Service, October 9, 2019.

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