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Gonzaga University
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Romani (Gypsies), Race, Ethnicity, Culture, Colonial America, Nationalism, Louisiana
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I am a historian of colonial North America and the early United States.  I am interested in cultural encounters on the North American continent, and the formation of race, ethnicity and national identity. I  have particular expertise on Louisiana and the colonial Gulf South, early American nationalism, as well as the Gypsy (Roma) diasporas. My Ph.D. is from Marquette University and I have taught at Gonzaga University since 2009.

Recent Publications

“‘To Get Himself Out of Slavery”: Escape, Justice, and Honor in the Life of a Colonial French Louisiana Bohemian (Gypsy).” Frühneuzeit-Info 31 (Fall 2020).

“Novel Adventures: Using The Journey to the West to Teach Tang China History and Culture.” Education About Asia 25 (Fall 2020): 12–17.

“Racializing American ‘Egyptians’: Shifting Legal Discourse, 1690s-1860s.” Critical Romani Studies 2 (Fall 2019): 42¬59.

“The Mythical Musical Boatmen: Integrating National Icons in Early American Culture.” American Music 37 (Summer 2019): 197–228.

“Music of the Early American Republic.” The American Historian 19 (February 2019): 14–19.

“Contextualizing American Gypsies: Experiencing Criminality in the Colonial Chesapeake.” Maryland Historical Magazine 113 (Fall/Winter 2018): 192–222.

“‘An Egiptian and noe Xtian Woman’: Gypsy Identity and Race Law in Early America.” Journal of Gypsy Studies 1 (2017): 5-15.

Sounds American: National Identity and the Music Cultures of the Lower Mississippi River Valley, 1800-1860. Athens: The University of Georgia Press, 2011.

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North America/United States
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Atlantic, North America, United States
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18th century, 19th century, Early Modern
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American Founding Era, Colonialism, Indigenous Peoples, Local & Regional, Migration & Immigration, Race, Slavery