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medicine, psychedelics, eugenics, madness
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I am a medical historian who focuses on history of madness, mental health services, and psychedelic psychiatry.  Currently I am working on 2 book projects.  Challenging Choices is a book that I am writing with Maureen Lux about the intersections of population control and contraception in the 1970s in Canada.  In this book we look specifically at how the rhetoric of choice was applied unevenly to indigenous women, men and women with psychiatric diagnoses or those considered intellectually disabled, teenage girls, and men seeking vasectomies.  The second book, focuses on the history of Hollywood Hospital (located in New Westminster, BC), which was a private addictions clinic that catered to individuals seeking psychedelic therapy 1950-1970s.  Examining hundreds of trip reports from that famous facility may shed light on the current psychedelic renaissance and the resurgence of interest in psychedelic science.

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I am the author of Psychedelic Psychiatry (Johns Hopkins, 2008); Facing Eugenics (UToronto Press, 2015); and Managing Madness (UManitoba Press, 2017).  For a more detailed list of publications, including books, chapters, and articles, visit my website:

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