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Polis: Cultural Planning
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Aesthetic Theory, Jewish Studies, Synagogue Architecture, Eastern European and South American Cultural and Political History, Dispersion of Salsa & Latin Jazz in the Midwest, Modernism, Philosophy of History, Politics & Philosophy of Historic Preservation, Urbanism, Refugees and Impacts on Intangible Heritage
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Ms. Ammerman has developed a diverse portfolio related to advocating for the arts, the built environment, and public history. With over a decade of combined experience in housing, community development, cultural preservation and urban planning; her work philosophy embraces an immersion into space and place through relationship building.

Her research focus in Kansas City has centered on the Jewish community and the loss and repurposing of Jewish sacred spaces. This research has delved deep into race relations and the cultural side effects this has had on the city over time. Additionally, Ms. Ammerman explores the spatial relationship of displacement of the political history of South America to better understand the Latino cultural influence and experience since the 1970s.

She has continued professional education via the UNITAR platform with an emphasis in Heritage Tourism through Arts and Culture based Community Development.

Her International experience includes presentations in Prague, Czech Republic; Warsaw, Poland; and artistic and researchch collaborations throughout Chile.

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The Corporate & Cultural: Honoring the Monumental in Kansas City, Missouri. Preventive Conservation of the Human Environment 6 conference. Architecture as Part of the Landscape. Warsaw, Poland. October 2016 Publication Date: 2018

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Eastern Europe, Latin America, United States
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Modern, 20th century, 21st century
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Art & Architectural History, Capitalism, Holocaust & Nazi Persecution, Local & Regional, Migration & Immigration, Politics, Public History, Urban History, World War II