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RPA Underwater/ Historical Archaeology
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Archaeology, Slave trade, civil war, World War II, shipbuilding, plantations, underwater archaeology, Atlantic, Historic Archaeology,
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I am a GIS specialist and archaeologist specializing in the Atlantic world, ship construction, and the slave trade. I enjoy not just the field work but also the research and interpretation. I also have extensive experience as a maritime archaeologist, terrestrial archaeologist, and historian. My work history has prepared me roles in collections, museums, and education. I am also available for individual projects and collaborations!

Recent Publications

“Maritime Archaeology from Slave Ships to Rice Boats: Reflecting on South Carolina’s underwater archaeological record and its representation of enslaved life” presented at June 15th, 2017 at Avery Center for African American History and Cultures 2017 conference titled Transforming Public history from Charleston to the Atlantic World.


“Processing and Utilizing Publicly Generated Underwater Archaeological Data” to be presented at the 2017 meeting of the North American Society of Oceanic History.


”Public Underwater Archaeology: Public Perception VS. Plausible Reality in the Case of the CSS Pee Dee Cannon Raising” presented at the 2017 meeting of the Society of Historical Archaeology meeting in Dallas, TX.


“The Maritime Archaeology of Slave Ships: Overview, Assessment and Prospectus” presented at the 2016 meeting of The Society of Historical Archaeology in Washington DC.


“The South Carolina Underwater Antiquities Act: Mandated Management of Submerged Archaeological Resources and Avocational Collection in the Palmetto State” presented at the 2016 meeting of the Society of Historical Archaeology in Washington DC.


“Slave Ships: Identifying them in the Archaeological Record and Understanding Their Unique Characteristics” presented at the 2014 meeting of the Society of Historical Archaeology, Jan. 11, 2015 Seattle WA.


“Is ‘Iron Plate’ the Enchantress?” MARITimes Vol. 26 No. 1, 2013.


“The Civil War at Montpelier” presented at the 2012 meeting of the Society of Historical Archaeology, Jan. 6th 2012, Baltimore MD at the Society of Historical Archaeology Conference.


“World War Two shipwrecks and their potential to cause environmental hazards in the Pacific Islands” presented April 12, 2013, the University of Rhode Island Graduate Conference.  


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United States
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Atlantic, Caribbean, England, North America, United States
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American Civil War, American Presidents, Colonialism, Economic History, Environment, Libraries & Archives, Material Culture, Military, Museums, Public History, Slavery, World War II