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Ancient Israel, Ancient Near Eaat, Ancient Judaism, Ancient Religion, Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls
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I study the Hebrew Bible, with an emphasis on the production, consumption and transformation of sacred texts by religious communities in the ancient world. I am the author of Deuteronomy 28 and the Aramaic Curse Tradition (Oxford University Press, 2017), which was supported by a grant from the Clarendon Fund. I am currently working on projects looking at scribal culture in ancient Israel and Judah, and at the clothed and adorned body as an agent in the communication of social and sexual identities.

Recent Publications

Deuteronomy 28 and the Aramaic Curse Tradition. Oxford Theology and Religion Monographs; Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.

​“‘But You Shall Surely Report Concerning Him:’ In Defense of the Priority of LXX Deuteronomy 13:9,” Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft 130:1 (2018): 86–100.

​“Hêlēl ben–Šahar and the Chthonic Sun: A New Suggestion for the Mythological Background of Isa. 14:12–15,” Vetus Testamentum 68:1 (2018): 129–148.

“Laying Og to Rest: Deuteronomy 3 and the Making of a Myth,” Biblica 98:2 (2017): 161–172.

​“Manuscripts and their (Proof-)Texts: Paradigms for Purity and Holiness in the Community Rule and the Damascus Document,” Biblische Notizen 175 (2017): 35–53.

“‘To Hear and to Accept:’ A Word–Pair in the Tell Fakhariyah Bilingual Inscription,” Journal of Semitic Studies 62:2 (2016): 413–429.

“Recent Research on Ancient Israelite Education: A Bibliographic Essay,” Currents in Biblical Research 13:1 (2014): 9–33.

“Lamech’s Change of Mind: The Hellenistic Philosophy Behind the Use of šn’ in the Genesis Apocryphon and the Book of Daniel,” Aramaic Studies 11:1 (2013): 53–66.

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