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California State University San Marcos
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U.S. history, religion, gender, sexuality, scandal
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Suzanna Krivulskaya is an Assistant Professor of History at California State University San Marcos. Her forthcoming book, under contract with Oxford University Press, considers how the press coverage of Protestant pastors’ sex scandals in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries changed religion in America. Broad interests include the histories of religion, gender, and sexuality in the United States.

Recent Publications

“Queer Rumors: Protestant Ministers, Unnatural Deeds, and Church Censure in the Twentieth-Century United States,” Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation (June 2021).

“A History of Sex Abuse in the Protestant Imagination,” The Revealer (March 2020).

“The Itinerant Passions of Protestant Pastors: Ministerial Elopement Scandals in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era Press,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (December 2019).

“Paths of Duty: Religion, Marriage, and the Press in a Transatlantic Scandal, 1835-1858,” Journal of American Studies (October 2018).

“Jennifer Knapp and Me: Coming out While Evangelical,” Religion Dispatches (June 2017).

“Unholy Sundays,” Luther Seminary Center for Stewardship Leaders (September 2016).

“‘Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex’: A New Documentary,” Religion in American History (April 2016).

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Family, Gender, Politics, Religion, Sexuality, Women