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Amy Elizabeth
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Independent Writer/Scholar
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imperialism, colonialism, migration, race, mobility, modern britain, ireland, human rights, resistance, world history, women's history, literature and history
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I am a historian, writer, poet, and editor. Recently, I worked as a content developer and writer for the World History Project, and taught courses at Stanford University and for a continuing education program at Sonoma State University. Currently, I am focusing on independent research that blends family history and memoir with stories of settler colonialism in Ireland, Pennsylvania, and California.

My teaching and research interests include:

World History, British Imperial History, Comparative Colonialisms, Women’s Movements in Historical Context, History of Humanitarianism, Migration, Citizenship and Belonging, Thinking Through Categories of Exclusion, Intersectional Feminism, Literature and History

More about my creative writing can be found on my website at:

Recent Publications

• My world history curriculum writing can be found at Khan Academy and the OER World History Project. It includes articles for high school classrooms on colonialism, the Enlightenment, and 20th century wars.

Tinker, Tailor, Vagrant, Sailor: Colonial Mobility and the British Imperial State, 1880-1910 (Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford University, 2005). This project examines encounters between colonial sojourners and British imperial bureaucrats both inside Britain and outside the boundaries of the empire, to illuminate the role of travel networks, stories, and ideologies in the formation of modern bureaucratic categories of citizenship. My work is filled with characters and stories that are hard to forget — circus performers and impostors and eye doctors and miners and consuls and befuddled Foreign and Colonial Office bureaucrats. It holds intimate stories of migration, mishap, and precarity in the same hand as big stories of global integration and imperial power.

• I also served as Research Director for The Insular Empire: America in the Marianas, a public television documentary, which aired on PBS nationwide and is now included in the Zinn Education Project’s list of recommended Teaching Materials.



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Colonialism, Human Rights, Migration & Immigration, Race, Women