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Toledo Candelaria
University of Guelph
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kingship, medieval Scotland, Scottish Studies, Malcolm III, Macbeth, identity, sovereignty, historiography, chronicles
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My research concerns the evolution of the literary portrayals of King Malcolm III Canmore (r. 1058-93) in Scottish historical narratives and its repercussions on ideals of Scottish identity and kingship. I developed this topic during my MA at King’s College London; my dissertation examined King Malcolm’s role in “The Life of St Margaret, Queen of Scots” from a postcolonial perspective. I hold a BFA in Fashion Design from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas of Puerto Rico, and my final collection and dissertation examined Lady Macbeth’s feeling of guilt in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Regardless of the discipline, my work has centered on this particular play.

In short, my research interests lie broadly in historiography produced in the British Isles and how notions of identity are constructed and negotiated according to political, social and cultural circumstances. I am also interested in kingship, chivalry and knighthood, political networks, otherness, and maps and chronicles.

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2017-8                     ‘He did not follow her advice’: Malcolm III as the Reformed Barbarian in The Life of Saint Margaret, Queen of Scots (under peer review for Florilegium)


Book Reviews

2018                         Review of Eva Von Contzen, The Scottish Legendary: Towards a poetics of hagiographic narration. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2017 (in preparation for the International Review of Scottish Studies [IRSS]).

2017                         Review of Alice Taylor, The Shape of the State in Medieval Scotland, 1124-1290Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016. (in preparation for Journal of Scottish Historical Studies)

2015                         Review of Emily Wingfield, The Trojan Legend in Medieval Scottish Literature. Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2014, in IRSS 40 (2015): 103-5.


Exhibition Catalogues

2013                         Facies Lunae: la cara de la luna en tinta y papel, La Casa del Libro.

                                    “Morris, Burne-Jones and the Kelmscott Press,” in Art of the Empire: Three Centuries of British Art, Museo de Arte de Ponce.

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