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University of Aberdeen
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Renaissance, Gender, Art and Society, Politics and Religion, Patronage, Sanctity and Healing, Social History, Cultural History,
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Honorary Research Fellow  (School of Divinity, History and Philosophy) University of Aberdeen.

Sandra holds a PhD from the University of Aberdeen funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council UK, having previously completed degrees in Turin (Italy), and Aberdeen (Scotland).

She is interested in how politics and religion shaped cultural outputs,  patronage, and devotion in Late Medieval and Renaissance times. She is currently researching on the cultural history and visual imagery of healing and disease. She also works on broader issues such as the role of politics, religion and art in the formation of individual and collective identities.

Recent Publications

2022     “New Insights on Filippo Lippi’s Alessandri Altarpiece”, Metropolitan Museum Journal, 57 (2022), pp. 120-133.

2022    “A Depiction of Virtue and Beauty: The Patronage of the Saint Ursula fresco in the church of San Giorgio at Montemerano” in Idealizing Women in the Italian Renaissance, ed. Elena Brizio and Marco Piana, CRRS [Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies], University of Toronto, pp. 55-82.

2020  The Lignum Crucis and the Veneration of the Cross in the Contado of Siena: Unmasking Some Neglected Images in the Cathedral of Massa Marittima”, in New Horizons in Trecento Italian Art, ed. K. Whittington and B.C. Keene (Turnhout: Brepols), pp.263-278.

2018  S. Cardarelli and L. Fenelli, eds. “Saints, Miracles and the Image: Healing Saints and Miraculous Images in the Renaissance” (Turnhout: Brepols).

2018   Remembering the Dead, Planning the Afterlife in Fifteenth-Century Tuscany: The Case of Cione di Ravi” in Memorializing the Middle Classes, ed. by A. Leader (Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications), pp. 187-236.

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Mediterranean, Middle East, Western Europe
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Medieval, Pre-17th century, Early Modern
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Art & Architectural History, Disability, Family, Gender, Local & Regional, Material Culture, Medicine, Politics, Religion, Urban History, Women