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Glendon, York University
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Gender and politics, Black Feminisms, African Feminisms, Colonialism in Africa, Decolonization, social movements
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I am a Cameroonian historian and socio-politician.

I am a Scholar-Activist, currently Assistant Professor in the Department of History at Glendon, York University (Canada).

My work explores the issues related to gender and politics in Africa, and black feminisms in a (post)colonial context, by focusing on the mobilizations of African and Afrodescendant women in the Cameroonian and French contexts. My research contributes to the field of Black Feminist Studies, from a multidisciplinary and transnational perspective.

My professional life is informed by my various feminist commitment, as I am involved with several African feminist and afrofeminist organizations. In 2017, I co-founded the Lyon-based Afrofeminist collective Sawtche, in 2019, I co-founded the association Femmes Actantes, and in September 2021 I was involved in the setting up of the Cameroonian Feminist Coordination.
Recent Publications
Ndengue, Rose. « Deprovincializing the Feminine/Feminist Cameroonian Nationalism of the 1950s. The UDEFEC and Pluriversal Black Feminism ». Journal of Women’s History 35, no 3 (2023): 62‑80.
Ndengue, Rose, Atsem Atsem, et Maveun Maveun. « #JusticePourMirabelle: The Resurgence of a Transnational Cameroonian Feminist Movement ». Politics & Gender, 2023, 1‑5.
Ndengue, Rose. « Genre et citoyenneté en Afrique : décloisonner et décoloniser la science politique à la lumière des mobilisations des Camerounaises ». Politique et Sociétés 42, no 1 (2023): 67‑88.
Ndengue, Rose, Fatou Sow, et Marième N’Diaye. « Étudier l’anti-genre en Afrique : un phénomène social orphelin d’un concept, vraiment ? » Politique africaine 4, no 168 (2022): 115‑33.
Ndengue, Rose. « In the Name of the King ». Blog. Africa Is a Country (blog), février 2020.
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Mutations, Deutsche Welle, TV5 Afrique, RFI, Canal2, STV, Africa n°1, Newstateman
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Cameroun, France
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Africa, France
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20th century, 21st century
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Colonialism, Emancipation, Gender, Politics, Women