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History of Medicine, Social History of Medicine, Long Eighteenth-Century, Nineteenth-Century, Royal Navy, Naval Surgeons, Dissections, Medical Experimentation, Ship Hygiene, Life on Board Ship, Professionalisation of Surgeons
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I am social historian of medicine with a penchant for the Admiralty’s archives, tales of injured seamen, and enterprising naval surgeons. I am primarily interested in how institutional structures and regulatory policies shape medical care and, in turn, how medical practice was negotiated within these confines. After two years working as a research assistant in a clinical research hospital, I became fascinated in what patient data could reveal about policies, regulations, and medical practice. I then decided to making the leap and examine these systems at work in the distant past.

I am currently completing a PhD at the University of St. Andrews, titled: “

Through this doctoral research, I have become especially interested in the intersection between labour and medicine; particularly how ‘ability’ was conceived both socially and medically. I hope to explore this in more depth in a future project on medical invalidation and ageing in the Royal Navy. This project will continue to use the surgeons’ logs to explore how surgeons viewed ‘old age’ and ‘infirmity’ and what medical assumptions guided their determination of whether a patient was ‘fit for service’. Keeping the Admiralty’s bureaucratic records at the heart of my study, I then plan to examine the systems in place after invalidation.

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