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UNC Charlotte
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immigration, carceral studies, borders, race, empire, climate change, climate migration, Cold War, detention, deportation
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Tina Shull (she/her) is the director of Public History at UNC Charlotte and a historian of race, empire, immigration enforcement, and climate migration in the modern US and the World.

Shull is the creator of IMM Print and Climate Refugee Stories. She was awarded a Soros Justice Fellowship from the Open Society Foundations in 2016 for her work in immigration detention storytellingClimate Refugee Stories has been awarded grants from NC Humanities, National Geographic Documenting Human Migrations, and the University of California Critical Refugee Studies CollectiveIn 2018-20, Shull was a post-doctoral fellow in Global American Studies at Harvard University where she taught in the Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights unit.  

Recent Publications

Detention Empire: Reagan’s War on Immigrants and the Seeds of Resistance (UNC Press, 2022).

“A Roundtable on Environmental Injustice and Border Abolition.” Ilana Cohen, Emma Crow-Willard, Tanaya Dutta Gupta, Jamila Hammami, Guerline Jozef, Steven Sacco, Kristina Shull, Angela V. Walker, Aly Wane, Daniel Watman, and Christine Wheatley. Radical History Review 145 “Alternatives to the Anthropocene,” edited by A. Naomi Paik and Ashley Dawson (January 2023): 147-164.

“A Climate of Refugee-ness? Violence, vulnerabilities, and voices from around the world.” Tanaya Dutta Gupta, Saumaun Heiat, Emma Crow-Willard, Kristina Shull, and Christine Wheatley. In Shifting Climates – Shifting People, edited by Miguel de la Torre (Pilgrim Press, 2022). 

“QTGNC Stories from Immigration Detention and Abolitionist Imaginaries, 1980-Present.” In Abolition Feminisms Vol. I: Organizing, Survival, and Transformative Practice, edited by Alisa Bierria, Jakeya Caruthers, and Brooke Lober (Haymarket Books, 2022).

“Somos los Abandonados: Mariel Cuban Stories from Detention and Resisting the Carceral State.” Anthurium: Caribbean Studies Journal 17, no. 2  (2021), p.5, DOI:

“Reagan’s Cold War on Immigrants: Resistance and the Rise of a Detention Regime, 1981-1985.” Journal of American Ethnic History 40, no. 2 (Winter 2021): 5-51. *Winner of the 2022  Judith Lee Ridge prize for best article in History, Western Association of Women Historians

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Caribbean, Central America, Ireland, Latin America, North America, United States
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Capitalism, Colonialism, Diplomacy, Economic History, Environment, Gender, Genocide, Government, Indigenous Peoples, Labor, Migration & Immigration, Military, Museums, Public History, Race, Sexual Violence, Urban History, Women, World War II