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Militarism, Russia, youth, Militarisation, culture, society, Yeltsin, Putin, war, patriotic education, memory
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I’m Allyson, and I’m a lecture in Global History at Bath Spa University. My work site at an intersection of History and International Relations, specifically in the field of Critical military and security studies.

I recently completed my PhD at Swansea university, researching cultural Militarisation under the leadership of Boris Yeltsin in 1990s Russia. I am currently preparing a manuscript of my thesis to be published with McGill Queen University Press in 2023.

More recently I have been working on the Militarisation of Russia’s youth during Russia’s more recent invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s patriotic education system, specifically its use of history to enhanced military themes and values in youth consciousness. Work on this has been published in the Conversation, Riddle Russia, NewLines Institute and The New Eastern Europe.

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