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University of North Texas
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Music, French Revolution, Age of Revolutions, Labor, Capitalism, Women
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I am a historian of eighteenth-century music cultures, particularly the French Revolution and musical labor during the Age of Revolutions. Musical labor, a capacious category, spans professional musicianship to domestic music-making. Through a wide lens, I examine the implications of music’s status as property within the entwined foundations of democracy and capitalism. Much of my research is archival in nature, drawing on the fields of feminist musicology and historical sound studies.  My first book, exposes the fundamental role that the French Revolution played in the emergence of modern professional musicianship and music historiography. This expertise extends into my newest research including the global import of music in fashion magazines, music as material culture in the consumer revolution, colliding consumer and political revolutions, and transnational music cultures in the revolutionary Atlantic.

Recent Publications

From Servant to Savant: Musical Privilege, Property, and the French Revolution. New York: Oxford University Press, 2022.

“Madame Campan’s Portraits, or Self-Portrait of a Feminist Musicologist,” in Bloomsbury Handbook of Art and Music (forthcoming).

“Music as Feminine Capital in Napoleonic France: Nancy Macdonald’s Musical Upbringing,” Music and Letters 100, no. 2 (2019).

“A Lady-in-Waiting’s Account of Marie Antoinette’s Musical Politics: Women, Music, & the French Revolution,” Women & Music 21 (2017).


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Capitalism, Economic History, Labor, Libraries & Archives, Rebellion & Revolution, Women