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University of Maryland, College Park
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women, suffrage, labor, social policy, social movements, feminism, welfare, twentieth century, working class, women and politics, progressivism, poverty, biography
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Robyn Muncy is Professor of History at the University of Maryland, College Park, where she has taught US women’s history, the history of progressive reform, and twentieth-century U.S. history since 1990.   She earned a Ph.D. in U.S. history from Northwestern University in 1987.  She has served as Interim Chair of the Department of Women’s Studies at the University of Maryland and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Labor and Working-Class History Association. She is a contributing editor of Labor:  Studies in Working-Class History, and she is co-curating an exhibit on the struggle for women’s suffrage at the National Archives in Washington, DC.  She is also on the advisory committee for the National Votes for Women Trail, a project sponsoring historical markers in all 50 states, commemorating the long and diverse history of American women’s struggle for the franchise.

Recent Publications

“The Strange Career of ‘the Working Class’ in U.S. Political Culture Since 1950,” forthcoming in Labor:  Studies in Working-Class History, November 2018

“The Equal Rights Amendment,” for Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History, ed. Leigh Ann Wheeler, contracted with Oxford University Press

“Women and Gender in American Studies: A Roundtable,” ed. Raffaella Baritono and Valerian Gennero in Rivista di Studi Americani (RSA Journal),  27 (2016):  95-128.

“Racism and the ‘Working Class’ in Media Coverage of U.S. Politics,” June 22, 2016, Labor Online,

Relentless Reformer:  Josephine Roche and Progressivism in Twentieth-Century America, Princeton University Press, 2015

“Coal-Fired Reforms:  Social Citizenship, Dissident Miners, and the Great Society,” Journal of American History 96 (June 2009):  72-98.


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“The Nineteenth Amendment and Its Aftermath,” delivered at the Smithsonian Institution, June 2017, broadcast on C-Span’s American History TV in July 2017, and on the web at
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