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exemplarity, Valerius Maximus, declamation, Stoicism, Seneca the Elder, Race, blood, externality, pedagogy
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Dr Sarah Lawrence studied Latin and Ancient History at the University of New England (Australia) before completing a PhD at the University of Sydney. After some years teaching in the secondary school system, Sarah was appointed as the Charles Tesoriero Lecturer in Latin at the University of New England. Sarah is a passionate teacher and researcher with particular interests in Valerius Maximus, Seneca the Elder and the question of ‘race’ in the Roman world.

Recent Publications

Lawrence, S. J., ‘ “Latin is for the Elite”…and Other Zombie Myths’ in Catherine Runcie & David Brooks (eds.) Reclaiming Education: Renewing Schools and Universities in Contemporary Western Society (Sydney: Edwin H. Lowe Publishing, 2018) Forthcoming

Lawrence, S.J., ‘Vis and Servitus: The Dark Side of Republican Oratory in Valerius Maximus’ in Christa Gray, Andrea Balbo, Richard M. A. Marshall & Catherine E.W. Steel (eds) Reading Republican Oratory: Reconstructions, Contexts, Receptions (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018) 95-110.

Lawrence, S. J., ‘Putting Torture, And Valerius Maximus, To The Test’ Classical Quarterly 66 (2016) 245-260.

Lawrence S. J., ‘Dead on Time: Valerius Maximus 9.13 and Stoicism’ Antichthon 49 (2015) 135-55. Q3

Clark, J., Gurney, L., Lawrence, S., Leece, R., Malouff, J. ‘Embedding an Institution-wide Capacity Building Opportunity around Transition Pedagogy: First Year Teaching and Learning Network Coordinators’ International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education 6.1 (2015) 20%






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Human Rights, Pedagogy, Race