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I am not affiliated with an institution or organization at this time, but have developed the website with Berkeley radicals from the 60's who were affiliated with the underground newspaper the Berkeley Barb. Since there has been limi
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I am available by phone and live in the SF Bay Area, and am self-employed therefore enjoy some flexibility. I am in contact with those who can give first-person testimonials.

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While working towards a Master’s Degree in history, I started researching my thesis by interviewing people affiliated with the infamous underground newspaper, the Berkeley Barb.  It surprised me that most people were unfamiliar with that publication, even those at the reference desk at the Berkeley Main Library.  The research that I did there opened their eyes to this history and when I completed my work they asked me to present my work to the public.  It was well attended and received by many of Berkeley’s radicals who showed up to make sure I got their history right.

In 2014, I reached out again to my new acquaintances to suggest a 50th anniversary celebration the following year.  A core group of us put our heads together and developed a weeks worth of events including an art exhibit, lectures and panelists presentations, reunion concert headlined by Country Joe McDonald, and a film festival which were featured twice in the San Francisco Chronicle.  We also started developing the website and were able to partner with Reveal Digital to scan and make available all available issues of the Barb in a word searchable format on our website.

Soon after that I was contacted by the California Historical Society and was part of the effort to organize programing for the City’s 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.  It seems our efforts had inspired them.

I have since been continuing the videotaped interviews I had done for my thesis as people have come to know and trust me.  They have been reflecting on the events that took place in the 60’s and have a word or two to say about what went on.  I have also received materials such as photographic negatives or artwork that would otherwise be lost, which I organize, identify, and archive for future researchers.

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