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University of Durham
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Roman history, the archaeology of Italy, colonisation and migration in the ancient world, cultural and ethnic identities in the ancient world, literacy in early societies, urbanisation.
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My main research interests are in the development of ethnic and cultural identities in ancient Italy and the western Mediterranean, urbanisation and state formation, cultural memory in early societies, and epigraphy and literacy in early Italy.  I have previously held academic posts at UCL (Research Fellow in History 1989-94; Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Archaeology, 2002-2008) and the University of Newcastle (Leverhulme Research Fellow, 1994-1997; Lecturer in Ancient History, 1997-2002).  Since 2008, I have taught part-time at a number of universities and currently hold Honorary Research Fellowships at the University of Durham and the University of Newcastle.  I am working on a number of publications, including a new edition of a book on Roman Italy, a major new edited volume on Magna Graecia, and a book on Rome and Italy in the late Republic.

Recent Publications


The Rise of Rome, 1000 – 264 B.C. London: Profile Books (2017) and Cambridge MA: Harvard University Press (2018). ISBN 978-1846684111


‘Colonising the Past: Cultural ideology and Civic Memory in the Hellenistic West’ in C. Buongiovanni and J. Hughes (eds), Remembering Parthenope: The Reception of Classical Naples from Antiquity to the Present: 64-84. Oxford, Oxford University Press (2015)

‘Hidden writing: epitaphs within tombs in early Italy’ in M.-L. Haack (ed.), L’écriture et l’espace de la mort. Épigraphie et nécropoles à l’époque pré-romaine. Collection de l’École française de Rome 502. ISBN: 978-2-7283-1096-8. École française de Rome, Paris/Rome (2016). Online publication (2015) at

‘Language and literacy in Roman Italy’ A.E. Cooley (ed.) Blackwell Companion to Roman Italy, 217-36. Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell (2016)

‘Naples’ in A.E. Cooley (ed.) Blackwell Companion to Roman Italy: 237-52. Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell (2016)

‘Magna Graecia’ in A.E. Cooley (ed.) Blackwell Companion to Roman Italy, 253-68. Chichester, Wiley-Blackwell (2016)

‘The Veneti’ in G. Bradley and G. Farney (eds), Handbook on the Ancient Italic Groups. Amsterdam: De Gruyter (2018)


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Material Culture, Migration & Immigration, Urban History