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Ancient Egypt, ancient Egyptian visual culture, mortuary landscapes, social memory.
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Alexandra Woods is a senior lecturer in the Department of Ancient History, Faculty of Arts. She studied Egyptology and Ancient History at Macquarie University (2001-2003), and completed an Honours degree in Egyptology (2004) before undertaking doctoral studies at Macquarie (2005-2008) based on analysis of Old Kingdom elite tomb iconography. At Macquarie University Alex now teaches Egyptology with a focus on Egyptian archaeology, art history and Old and Middle Kingdom studies.


Alex’s research focuses on the study of visual culture in ancient Egyptian temple and tomb environments, particularly during the Old to Middle Kingdom (Dynasties 3-13, c. 2686 – 1650 BCE). Alex studies:

  1. the context, function, iconographical and iconological significance of the tomb and temple imagery,
  2. artisan practices behind the portrayals to understand how the images were constructed and created within the limitations imposed by function, decorum and tradition and;
  3. visual culture as evidence for social practices, particularly agency and social identity of minority groups in ancient Egypt.
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