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history of the human sciences, history of psychology, gender and psychology, psychological methods, big data in psychology
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I am a psychologist and historian. In my work I explore the methods and practices of the human sciences. I have written on a wide range of topics including sexual harassment, questionnaires, intelligence testing, gender, child study, pedagogy, and evolutionary ideas in psychology.

Recent Publications

Young, J. L. (in press). The long history of big data in psychology. The American Journal of Psychology.

 Young, J. L. (2017). Numbering the mind: Questionnaires and the attitudinal public. History of the Human Sciences, 30 (4), 32–53.

 Young, J. L. (2016). G. Stanley Hall, child study, and the American public. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 177 (6), 195-208.

Young, J. L. (2015). Test or toy? Materiality and the measurement of infant intelligence. History of Psychology, 18, 103-118.

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