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Martin Hobbs
Deakin University
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oral history, war and conflict, Vietnam War, the War on Terror, memory, trauma, place, gender, peace, security
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I completed my PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2018, where I taught modern US and international history 2017-2020. My PhD was a transnational oral history with Vietnam veterans who returned to Viêt Nam after the War, and my book, Return to Vietnam: An Oral History of American and Australian Veterans’ Journeys, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2021.

I am currently a research fellow on the ARC project “A Conceptual History of National Security in Australia since 1901” at Deakin University. I am also undertaking a project with women and minority veterans who fought in the US, UK, and Australian militaries since 9/11, and a new project with people who sought asylum in Australia from conflict in countries affected by climate change. 

Recent Publications


Return to Vietnam: An Oral History of American and Australian Veterans’ Journeys, Cambridge University Press, 2021.


“Veteran Reflections: Legacies of War in Vietnam at Peace” in The Vietnam War in the Pacific World, eds. Brian Cuddy and Frederik Lovegall, University of North Carolina Press, November 2022.

“Why soldiers commit war crimes – and what we can do about it”, Lessons from History: Leading Historians Tackle Australia’s Greatest Challenges, eds. Carolyn Holbrook, David Lowe, and Lyndon Megarrity, New South, July 2022.

Calamity or Commodity? Conceptualizing Security in the Nuclear Debate in Fraser’s Australia”, History Australia, (April 2022): 

“(Un)naming: Agency, Anonymity, and Ethics in Oral Histories with Veteran-Narrators”, Oral History Review, 48:1 (2021), online publication 19 February 2021.

‘“We went and did an Anzac job”: Memory, myth, and the Anzac Digger in Vietnam’, Australian Journal of Politics & History, 64:3 (October 2018): 480-97.

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