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American Civil War, Appalachia, Veterans, Social, Community, Reconstruction, White Supremacy, Loyalty, Andrew Johnson, Occupation, Military, East Tennessee
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I am a PhD candidate in the history department at the University of Georgia. My dissertation, Loyalty and Locale: Secession, Civil War, and Reconstruction in East Tennessee, provides four case studies that investigate the long-lasting consequences of wartime loyalties for veterans and their families.

I am working with Dr. John Inscoe and I consider myself a social historian with a regional focus in the Appalachian South. I think value exists in studying Civil War border states and their early and lasting occupations. Loyalty manifests differently and can be informed by the community with which a soldier or supporter identifies.

I’ve helped run workshops, conferences, large talks with guest speakers, departmental functions and have a working knowledge of the logistics required to make these functions successful.


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“Temporary Triumphs: The Carpetbagger President of the Knoxville Industrial Association” in The Journal of East Tennessee History,Vol. 86, 2014.

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United States, American South
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