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economic history, Netherlands, gender, historical demography
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Anne McCants is a Margaret MacVicar Faculty Fellow and Professor of History at MIT with research and teaching interests in the economic, demographic, and social history of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Europe (particularly the Netherlands), as well as in the application of social science research methods across the disciplines.  At MIT she directs a First Year Learning Community (Concourse) dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary connections between humanistic modes of inquiry and the MIT science core.

Recent Publications

“Public Welfare and Economic Growth,” in Special Issue: Exploring the Roots of Development in Economic History of Developing Regions, Vol. 27, Supplement 1, 2012: S86-S91.

“Historical Demography and the Crisis of the Seventeenth Century,” Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Vol. 40:2, 2009:195-214.

“Poor Consumers as Global Consumers: the Diffusion of Tea and Coffee Drinking in the Eighteenth Century,” The Economic History Review, Vol. 61:S1, 2008:172-200.

“Exotic Goods, Popular Consumption, and the Standard of Living: Thinking About Globalization in the Early Modern World,” Journal of World History, Vol. 18:4, 2007: 433-62.

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Western Europe
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Pre-17th century, 17th century
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Economic History, Family, Gender, Material Culture