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Art, history, architecture, material culture, Franco-Scottish, Scottish, French, Medieval, early-modern, patronage, self-fashioning, national identities, visual culture, manuscripts,
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I completed my PhD in History of Art at Edinburgh University: ‘Distantia Jungit, Scots Patronage of the Visual Arts in France 1450-1550.’

My PhD research examined patronage of the visual arts by patrons of Scottish descent, active in France, c.1450 to 1550. During this period large numbers of Scots travelled to France as mercenaries, scholars, and diplomats. I am particularly interested in analysing the motivations that drove their patronage in terms of self-fashioning and the creation of identities.

I have recently completed two research projects: an analysis of architectural projects initiated by John Stuart, Duke of Albany during the minority of James V. This study looked at the migration of ideas between Scotland, France, and Italy. It has stimulated further work on Franco-Scottish patrons as conduits for the transfer of ideas (aesthetic and architectural) between these countries, with a particular focus on the communication of architectural innovations from Italy to Scotland.

A second recently completed project was funded by the British Academy Neil Ker Memorial Fund and concerned the commission of manuscripts in France for royal patrons in Scotland as a form of political propaganda. The output for this project will be two journal articles relating to ‘French Manuscripts and the Stuart Kings of Scotland.’

Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

From Dunbar to Rome: John Stuart, Duke of Albany and his Contribution to Military Science in Scotland and Italy, 1514-1536.’ Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 148 (2019). Awarded the Murray Medal for History.

‘The Tapestries of St Anatoile (1502-1506): Burgundian Perceptions of a ‘Scottish Saint’ and the Royal House of Scotland at the turn of the Sixteenth Century.’ The Innes Review (2019).

‘Material Diplomacy: A Continental Manuscript Produced for James III of Scotland, Edinburgh University Library, MS 195.’ The Scottish Historical Review (forthcoming in October 2019).

The Artistic Patronage of John Stuart, Duke of Albany, 1520-1530: Vic-le-Comte, the Last Sainte-Chapelle. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 147 (2017).

Identity and Agency in the Patronage of Bérault Stuart d’Aubigny: the Political Self-Fashioning of a Franco-Scottish Soldier and Diplomat. The Mediaeval Journal, 7:1 (2017)

Are the Petites Heures d’Anne de Bretagne really the Petites Heures de Jeanne de France? Reinardus, 27 (2015).

The Artistic Patronage of John Stuart, Duke of Albany, 1518-19: The ‘Discovery’ of the Artist and Author, Bremond Domat. The Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 144 (2014).

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