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University of Toronto
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Liberty Poles, Early Republic, Protest, Political Culture, Popular Politics, Revolutionary Iconography, Elections, Violence, Monuments
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On Twitter: @ShiraLurie

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I am the University College Fellow in Early American History at the University of Toronto where I am jointly appointed as Assistant Professor in the History and Canadian Studies Departments. I received my PhD in American History from the University of Virginia in May 2019. I am currently at work on my book Protest and Power: Liberty Poles and the Struggle for American Democracy.

Recent Publications

“Liberty Poles and the Fight for Popular Politics in the Early Republic,” Journal of the Early Republic 38, no. 4 (Winter 2018): 673-697

“Why the Democrats are wrong about Trump’s politicization of the Fourth of July,” The Washington Post

“Why Donald Trump’s immigration play could backfire big time in 2020,” The Washington Post

“Why the White House is Pushing a Doctored Video,” The Washington Post

“National myths we tell ourselves are as racist and ignorant as Trudeau’s costumes,” The Toronto Star

“Would Trump concede in 2020? A lesson from 1800,” The Conversation

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I have appeared as a guest on BBC Radio, CBC News, and CTV News.
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United States
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United States
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4, 5
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American Revolution, American Founding Era, American Presidents, Government, Politics