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Royal Geographical Society, London, UK
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archaeology, ethnohistory, Canada, hunter-gatherers of the Boreal Forest, digital humanities, archaeological theory, rock art, pictographs, history of archaeology, past, present and future of higher education in the US
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Dr Alicia Colson FRGS is an archaeologist and an ethnohistorian with a PhD (McGill) and BA (Hons.) from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL. She’s a  Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of the Explorers Club. She trained in academic, government, and governmental organizations in the non-profit sector in the UK, Canada and the US. She is fluent in four languages and has undertaken extensive fieldwork in Canada, the UK, US, and Antigua. She has worked as an archaeologist on rock art sites, habitation sites, human remains as well as burial mounds. She was Chief Scientist for the Craters and Canyons Namibia in 2014 with the British Exploring Society. Her research interests include: hunter-gatherers of the Boreal Forest, digital humanities, archaeological theory, history of archaeology, and sub-Saharan Africa. She is currently developing projects in various places globally with colleagues and is engaged in series of research and publishing projects in cognate fields.

Recent Publications

Peer reviewed Publications:

January 2019 Alicia Colson, An Instruction Manual Would Be Perfect! An Analysis of the Images of Four Birchbark Scrolls from Central North America Anthropos, Volume 114 (1): 37 – 56, ISSN: 0257-9774, ISSN online: 0257-9774,

2018 Alicia J. M. Colson The Perpetual Dilemma of a Pictograph Site. VISUAL PAST A Journal for the Study of Past Visual Cultures 5: Special Issue “Bildsinne/Image Senses”: 75—98.

September 2017 Bradley G. Hyslop & Alicia J. M. Colson It’s about time: Investigations into the interior of Canada’s Boreal Forest. Lac Seul. North American Archaeologist 38 (4): 299–326

Publications the1 general public:

Winter 2020 Alicia J. M. Colson “On understanding the unknown: defining ourselves as researchers?” The Great Britain and Ireland Chapter Entry, The Explorers Log Vol: 51 (1):10 [A publication of The Explorers Club, NYC]

20 February 2020  Alicia J. M. Colson Food Archaeology: Avocado Wonk! Magazine (

November 21, 2019  Alicia J. M. Colson Dangoor Infinity Expedition to Iceland Histories of Archaeology Research Network, (HARN) Weblog (

November 2019 Alicia J. M. Colson  Fumiko Ikawa-Smith – Her Own Kind of Woman Trowelblazers website

June 17 2019  Alicia J. M. Colson ‘Let’s get Started!Histories of Archaeology Research Network, (HARN) Weblog (

15 April 2019  Alicia J. M. Colson Food Archaeology: Mmmm Chocolate! Wonk! Magazine (

January 2019 Alicia J. M. Colson Nicky Murphy – Adventure in Antigua Trowelblazers website

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