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Erika Denise
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University of North Carolina at Charlotte
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Latin America, African Diaspora, Afro-Latin America, Argentina, Gender, Women, Education, Slavery, Motherhood, Race
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I am an expert of the black experience ( slave trade,  “black disappearance”, and today’s black power movement)  in Argentina, a country known more for its European than African past.  I have  been cited and consulted by in the New York Times and National Geographic. I have also been  interviewed by La Voz del Interior, an Argentine newspaper in  regarding her research.   I have published articles in the African the Black Diaspora: An International Journal,  Oxford Bibliographies, History Compass and various book chapters. Moreover, I have given numerous talks at various institutions and organizations some of which include University of South Carolina, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and University of California- Irvine.  Most recently I published my book Hiding in Plain Sight: Black Women the Law and the Making of a White Argentine Republic (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press) 2020.

Recent Publications

Hiding in Plain Sight: Black Women the Law and the Making of a White Argentine Republic (Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press) 2020.

“María Remedios del Valle – 19th century Argentina” in As If She Were Free: A Collective Biography of Black Women and Emancipation in the Americas edited by Erica L. Ball, Tatiana
Seijas, and Terri L. Snyder (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) forthcoming
-co-authored with Florencia Guzmán

“Un regalo de la madre, libertad: maternidad y el proceso de manumisión en Córdoba, Argentina””
in Esclavos. Estudio interdisciplinario en territorios periféricos en la antigua monarquía Hispania. Siglos XVIII a mediados del XIX (Córdoba, Argentina: Baez Impresiones) 2019.

“A Tale of Two Cities: Buenos Aires, Cordoba and the Disappearance of the Black Population in Argentina” The Metropole, the official blog of the Urban History Association, May 2018  A Tale of Two Cities

“Pardo is the New Black: The Urban Origins of Argentina’s Myth of Black Disappearance” Global Urban History Blog Dec 2016. Pardo is the New Black

“An African Tree Produces White Flowers: the disappearance of the black population in Argentina” New York: Oxford University Press Blog Nov 2015. An African Tree Produces White Flowers

“Slavery in Argentina” In Oxford Bibliographies in Latin American Studies. Ed. Ben Vinson. New York: Oxford University Press (online) updated June 2017.Slavery in Argentina

“Mestizaje Cordóba’s Patria Chica: Beyond the Myth of Black Disappearance” in African and the Black Diaspora: An International Journal’s special issue “There are No Blacks in Argentina: Policing the Border”  Vol. 7. No. 2, 2014.

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Emancipation, Family, Gender, Race, Rebellion & Revolution, Sexuality, Slavery, Urban History, Women