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Elizabeth Kelly
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Towson University
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19th-century America; history of American drug use, dependency, and addiction
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My book Habit Forming: Drug Addiction in America, 1776-1914 will be published by Oxford University Press in December 2022.

I study American history in an international context in the early national and antebellum eras, focusing on social and cultural history.

Recent Publications

Habit Forming: Drug Addiction in America, 1776-1914 (Oxford University Press, 2022)

“Was Edgar Allan Poe a Habitual Opium User?” Commonplace: the journal of early American life (February 2022)

“The World by Gaslight: Urban-gothic Literature and Moral Reform in New York City, 1845–1860,” American Nineteenth-Century History, 10, no. 2 (June 2009)

“‘Whisper to him the Word ‘India’: Trans-Atlantic Critics and American Slavery, 1830–1860,” The Journal of the Early Republic 28 (Fall 2008)

“The Trade-Off: Chinese Opium Traders and Antebellum Reform in the United States, 1815–1860,” in Drugs and Empires: Essays in Modern Imperialism and Intoxication, c. 1500–c. 1930, James H. Mills and Patricia Barton, eds. (Palgrave, 2007)

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American Founding Era, Diplomacy