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University of Birmingham
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Ottoman History circa. 1453-1826, Eighteenth Century History, Imperial and Global History, History in Popular Culture, Dracula History, Supernatural History/Mythology/Folklore, Historical Linguistics and Death, Travellers in the East, Alphonse Mingana, Sir Richard Francis Burton.
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Associate Fellow of the HEA. I am a PhD graduate from the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies. I have diverse research interests including Ottoman History, Imperial and Global History, History in Popular Culture, Dracula History, Supernatural History/Mythology/Folklore and Death.

My PhD thesis was on The Urban Janissary in Eighteenth Century Istanbul for which I have spent time living and studying abroad and have studied a variety of languages. I am also currently a Reviews Editor for H-Empire and the Editorial Assistant for the Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations Journal.

My teaching experience includes Global History survey courses as well as specialised classes in Islamic history and Islamic Art and Power. I have also worked as an academic writing tutor.

Additionally I have project management and outreach experience being involved in organising conferences, programmes of events within my university and working with cultural partners in the community.

Recent Publications

Lady Mary Montagu as a Flaneuse ASTENE Bulletin, No. 80 (Autumn 2019)

Review of Finnegan, Rachel, English Explorers in the East (1738-1745): The Travels of Thomas Shaw, Charles Perry and Richard Pococke. ASTENE Bulletin, No. 80 (Autumn 2019)


The role of family in the lives of Istanbul Janissaries during the Eighteenth Century, University of Edinburgh, (10th February 2020)

The sultan trembles, the janissary frowns: power players in the rulership and succession of the Ottoman Sultanate”, Historical Association, Taunton, (4th March 2020)

The Anglo-Turkish Society The Urban Janissary in Eighteenth-Century Istanbul 12/2/2020 (available at


Beyaz Tarih Turkish language digital history website, interview published 29/05/2020

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Eastern Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East
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Pre-17th century, 17th century, 18th century, 19th century, Early Modern
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Art & Architectural History, Diplomacy, Economic History, Family, Food History, Material Culture, Military, Rebellion & Revolution, Urban History